Our cast iron grates for pigs are very robust and so can be used in the farrowing house, piglet house and fattening house. The cast iron grates are self-supporting and can be supplied in standard sizes as well as custom made.

Because cast iron grates are cast in one piece, these grates, unlike triangular grates, do not suffer from rust sensitive welds. Our gratings are produced from high-grade solid quality iron (NEN: GN42 EN: GJS-450-10) which makes the gratings very strong and has a significantly longer life span than steel triangular gratings.

The casting process offers the possibility of casting a grid with a large opening percentage where the bars are cast in the characteristic triangular shape. This creates a very hygienic surface with excellent grip. This rougher surface benefits animal welfare and claw health.

  • Rounded triangular bars > Quick drying & self-cleaning surface > less skin damage.
  • Good manure passage > more hygienic pens.
  • Rougher surface > good grip > better claw health.
  • Perfect i.c.w. concrete or composite > increased manure penetration > Non-flammable.
  • Long service life > very strong > acid and rust resistant.
  • Economically interesting > competitively priced > high efficiency.

PvL cast iron grates come in a variety of designs and sizes, with customization possible! In consultation, the gratings can be provided with an extra manure opening (manure gap).