Privacy statement

PvL B.V. respects the privacy of its website visitors and ensures that personal information provided by visitors is treated confidentially.

All data you exchange with us through this website is encrypted with SSL security based on the HTTPS protocol. Data you leave by filling out a form may be stored in the database of our CRM system.

Data processing

Personal data is processed by us for entering into and performing agreements for our services and resulting relationships. If you fill out a contact/quote, application or newsletter subscription form on the website, or send us an e-mail, the data you send us will be kept as long as is necessary according to the nature of the form or the content of your e-mail for it to be fully answered and processed. We use the following retention periods for this purpose:

Data Retention period
Contact form Max. 4 years
Other forms* Max. 4 years
Newsletter subscription* Until unsubscription newsletter
Customer data Max. 7 years (due to tax retention requirements)

(* if applicable)

Processor Agreement

We have signed a processing agreement with all companies that process our data. This states, among other things, what the personal data may be processed for (for what purpose), what security measures must be taken, where the personal data is stored, and that it must be handled confidentially.


This website uses cookies

A cookie is a small file sent from the server to your web browser with the intention of saving it and sending it back to the server on your next visit. These cookies are used by us to track visitor behavior in order to improve the website for you. We cannot see by whom the website is visited.

In your web browser you can set which cookies are collected and which cookies may not be collected (please refer to your web browser manual). However, there is a chance that this website will not fully function. The cookies are stored under our domain name. We do not collect personal data via cookies.

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics cookies to track website usage, these are sent to Google via an encrypted connection. We do not share usage or benchmark data with Google. Also, Google Analytics cookies are not used for other Google services. The information obtained is transferred to and stored by Google on servers in the United States. Please read Google' s privacy policy for more information, as well as Google Analytics' specific privacy policy. We do not store IP addresses, nor are they ever shared in their entirety with Google.