A cool and comfortable lying surface under the sow is created by the very good thermal conductivity of cast iron. This allows the farrowing sow to release her body heat. The rounded edges and gap width of 10MM make the grate comfortable for both sow and piglet and minimize damage.

Our cast iron stall grates (635X1000) come standard with bolt holes in the front ends of the grate. This allows the grates to be bolted/attached together and prevents the grates from coming loose.

Cast iron Maternity Coop grate: 635X1000MM 10MM opening. 13MM bar:

Most universal grate for the farrowing house. To be used in plastic/coated/three-sided farrowing floors under the sow. Available from stock!

  • L=1000X635MM 10X13

Cast iron Farrowing pen / piglet grate: 10MM opening and 10MM bar:

In various lengths for (free-range) farrowing floors and piglet floors.

  • L=1000X400 10/10
  • L=1200X400 10/10
  • L=1300X400 10/10
  • L=1400X400 10/10
  • L=1600X400 10/10

Overview piglet / farrowing pen grates, standard sizes, other sizes on request: